Welcome to the grocery store where you can purchase anything and everything in one place and drop hundreds of dollars on your food budget and still be left with nothing to eat. When we target your food budget we are bound to find some surprises.

As your grocery bill can be a big expense each month it is important to get those unrelated items back where they belong and provide you with more money to purchase the food you need.

♠  Did you just go grocery shopping and then out for dinner?

♠  Do you hate packing a lunch every day?

♠  Are you bored with the food you have at home?

♠  Did you just spend $200 and have nothing to eat?

I know how hard it can be to get organized, make a plan and stick to it, so we will go over the basic foundation together and if you are up for it I've got a great challenge for you in the end. My goal is to help you become aware of what you are really spending.

Wouldn't it be nice to

♥  Buy the brand you like rather than what you think you can afford.

♥  Eat food that hasn't been in the freezer for a month.

♥  Go to the store and shop with confidence.

♥  Order take-out without the guilt.

♥  Go to a nice restaurant and be served for a change.


Take the Food Budget Challenge and learn how to eat well for less.


Is your grocery bill too high? Then this challenge is for you. Learn how to minimize your costs without scrimping on your requirements.
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